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What happens when a ghetto skank full of sass steps to Duke Skywalker, Big Red and Bootleg to film a scene for Ghetto Gaggers? THIS is what happens! Nadiaa Nasty came to the Ghetto Gaggers set with all kinds of attitude, but the boys wasted no time in chipping away at it. It started off with rough face fucking...the kind that makes a girl vomit nonstop while holding back tears of disgrace and it didn't end until she was nothing more than a mess of spit, puke and humiliation.

After her throat was fucked and pillaged, the guys applied a few slaps to her ebony face, a few loogies and they when decided it was time to beat her black pussy up. The throbbing white meat sticks went balls deep into her black pussy and she moaned in pleasure as her pussy was stretched nice and tight.

After the crew had no use for her holes anymore, they sat her down and dropped load after load of sticky white cum on her chocolate face. Just as she thought it was over, a firm slap with a hand full of pimp dust plastered her face and then she was kicked to the curb. What a whore!

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